Oil Changes in Indian Trail, NC

If you're due for an oil change or the check oil light is on in your car, Aces Automotive, an Indian Trail oil change specialist has you covered. Your car can't run forever, but with routine oil changes in Indian Trail, you can extend the life of your engine and ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape year-round.

Routine preventative maintenance, like an oil change, helps protect your engine and almost every other system in your vehicle. 

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Are Oil Changes Important?

Yes! The oil in your car prevents your engine from overheating and:

  • Lubricates all moving parts of your engine
  • Keeps engine components from rubbing against each other, reducing friction
  • Keeps your car running smooth
  • Extends the life of your vehicle
  • Protects against normal wear-and-tear

Let's face it, oil changes aren't needed as often in newer cars as they once were. Aces Automotive recommends you check your vehicle's owner manual or call Aces at 704-684-0265! We'll help you determine the best oil for your make and model vehicle to ensure it's longevity.

Oil Filter Changes in Indian Trail, NC

The oil filter is an important part of your engine system's operation. It removes dirt, grit, grime, and any other debris your engine naturally collects by driving around the streets of Indian Trail. During your oil change appointment, our in mechanics will check the health of your car's oil filter. As your Indian Trail auto repair experts, we promise to keep your oil change as low-cost as possible. However, if your oil filter is too dirty or completely clogged, we have oil filters in our shop to fit your vehicle.

If your Service Engine light is on, you may need an oil filter change. The mechanics at Aces Automotive will change your oil and inspect your oil filter for debris or grime that may be preventing your engine from filtering its oil as it should.

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